Hip Resurfacing

The choice for active, sporty males. Xrays: before and after .

Hip resurfacing involves resufacing of the worn surfaces- it preserves bone for any future surgery should the resurfacing need re-doing at a later date.

Hip resurfacing
It can be regarded as a pre-hip replacement.

Its attactions are:
1. Preservation of bone, meaning that the bone in the top of the thigh bone is untouched for any future further hip work.
2. Permits an active Lifestyle, (Running, Skiing, Martial Arts)
(studies comparing sporting activity in hip resurfacing patients and hip replacement patients favour hip resurfacing).
3. Moderatley low wear
4. Robust - an ideal option for heavy or large framed patients. Conventional hip implants struggle to reproduce the anatomy of large framed patients
5. Very low dislocation rate- particularly important for sailors, tree surgeons, builders at heights.

The drawbacks are
1. Risk of fracture of the supporting bone (within the 1st 3 months) 1% in males, 2% in females
2. Reasonable long term results- but not the best that is available
3. Concerns over long term effects of the metal wear particles.

Therefore the procedure is ideally suited to active to very active males, often under 65 years of age.
It may well be appropriate in some active males over 65 and some females particularly the very active ie runners.

Very young females who may go on to have children, there is concern and evidence of the metal wear products crossing the placenta. Thus a ceramic on ceramic modern Hip Replacement is preferable on safety issues.

Adept Hip resurfacing on a model bone

The Adept Hip Resurfacing from Finsbury. the manufacturers of the Birmingham Hip, is my preferred implant (prosthesis). The Adept instumentation allows me to reproducably achieve component positioning. This is important in avoiding some of the long term complications seen in hip resurfacing in general.
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