Hip Stories

Hello Mr.Lewis - thought I'd send this.

Just returned from a 'best-ever' week of skiing in the high peaks of beautiful Switzerland. Can hardly express adequately my joy in skiing from dawn til dusk with my new hip. It is just 12 months since my surgery using the 'minimally invasive' method. Wonderful to do so much - and for the first time in years - no pain whatsoever!

Many thanks once again to you and your team

Julia Robertson, March 2007.

3 months following Ceramic Big Ball Hip Replacement: Yoga and Walking Holiday
Yoga Following Hip Replacement

You asked if I can touch my toes....well, hamstrings are nicely flexible now
and I can put my hands flat on the floor, whilst standing and flexing from
the hip, without bending my knees!
Once again, thank you very much for this wonderful new mobility.
Best wishes

Horse Riding after Hip Replacement
Dear James (Big Ball Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement):
How right you were when you said if I had this hip replacement it will give me my life back again. I had struggled with pain for so long I had forgotten what it was like to feel well. The pain drained me of every ounce of energy and the pain killers upset me, now I feel like I used to feel, full of energy and able to do everything I used to. Riding at six weeks as if I had never had a bad hip or replacement. There was nothing to remind me of what I had been through, everything working perfectly, no aches, no pain, no stiffness, just my life back. How does one say “thank you” for all that!

At age 48 it was quite a shock to be told I needed a hip replacement. More still to have just 2 weeks before the operation.

Rapidly your mind goes through all the stories you’ve heard about the restrictions it will place on your lifestyle,all the things you like doing and wondering whether you’ll ever be able to do them again.
As a keen cricketer, and with 2 active young children, whether I’ll be able to do so many things I had always hoped to do with them.

For the first few weeks after the operation I had many doubts about becoming fully fit and active again, the pain was significant, but rapidly as I regained strength and mobility it seemed that I had made the right decision (not that I had much choice regarding the need for the operation).

I had already planned a holiday to Australia before I knew I’d need the operation and was pleased to hear from Mr Lewis that I would be able to take that holiday planned for 9 weeks post-op.

By the time I flew to Oz I found I had little discomfort although I did need to walk around the aircraft more regularly than normal.

In 5 weeks in Australia I drove 3000 miles, snorkelled and swam with dolphins and whale sharks on the Ningaloo reef, and went bushwalking.
But perhaps the biggest test came when just 12 weeks after the operation, I climbed 120 feet down into a limestone cave system (see photos below) and back out again. By the time I got back to the top, my legs were a bit like jelly but to my surprise, completely pain free.
Hip Replacement Cave diving
Since returning to the UK I have played cricket, even managing to bowl, run and take diving catches.

My next major challenge is to go parachuting.

Philip Parnell

Minimally Invasive Hip replacement
I had my hip replacement on 16th February and have been extremely surprised at my speedy recovery. The day after my operation I got out of bed expecting to be in pain but I was able to walk with only a little discomfort and only had to use 1 stick. Stairs where my next worry as I live in a first floor flat but this again I had no problem getting up and down stairs.

Lynda Appleby

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement

Having Experienced both hips being replaced with the conventional method and the second very recently with the new minimally invasive method the difference is phenomenal. With the new method I experienced no pain at all until the 5th day, returning home after just 4 days in Hospital. Walking the next day day after the operation and even able to get on and off the bed unaided on the first day. The feeling of well being and no down days at all and no loss of appetite. All of these things I suffered with the old method. Flexibility of the leg was much quicker and easier walking. Easily walking distances of 2 miles plus in less than 3 weeks daily. This is all due to Mr Lewis whom I shall be eternally indebted to. Many thanks

Pauline Dyer

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement vs Previous Traditional Hip

12 years ago I had my right hip replaced with a traditional hip replacement. The operation took 3 hours, which caused me some after effects from the long anaesthetic. The scar was 12 inches long, with clips and stitches that had to be removed, and took some weeks to heel, the hospital stay was 2 weeks, after which I came out on crutches. After 9 weeks I was still walking with a stick and not very far.

In January this year I had my left hip replaced with a minimally invasive hip replacement, and the difference was amazing. The operation was a little over an hour with no after effects, the scar 3 inches long, with dissolving stitches, and was healed in 10 days. I was out of the hospital in 5 days, walking with a stick. By 5 weeks the stick was abandoned and walks were over a mile


Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement

I think Goring Hall is excellent in everyway.

I cannot fault it at all. The feeling of well being as soon as you enter the hospital is one of warmth and security.

G Hurford.

My Hip and Knee (replacement) are really just perfect, and I am walking beautifully, its great not to have any pain. Thanking you once again.

Mrs R

Hip Injection

The joy of freedom from pain & delight in ordinary movement is immeasurable and extra pain free bonus is a huge tonic to both of us. We are deeply grateful.

Mrs F

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement
I attended Mr Lewis at Goring Hall, mid March 2007, for a right hip replacement operation.

Obviously I was very apprehensive about the whole thing but I now know there was no need to worry.

From the outset Mr. Lewis explained, in every detail, about the procedure and my programme of rehabilitation afterwards.

Needless to say all went according to plan, and 6 weeks after the operation I am walking normally without aids, driving and starting back to work.

I cannot praise Mr. Lewis enough for his excellent surgical techniques which have brought me to a speedy recovery and also the staff at Goring Hall for their kind attention and nursing during my 5 day stay.

Many Thanks

Gillian Jones

June 19th 2007- Total Right Hip replacement.
Dear Mr Lewis I am writing to thank you for carrying out my operation, it has made a huge difference to my life. Prior to the operation I was in continual pain, in fact all movement even if sitting or lying down hurt. Now I am in no pain at all, I can move around normally, it is pure joy, my life is very different now. I am enjoying walking, cycling(on a private road, no traffic). I can't believe the pain has gone, but it has. I have already lost one stone and will continue to loose more weight now I can move. Your superb skill has made life worth living, thank you so very very much.

Kind regards- Jenni Pilgram

Dear Mr Lewis,

I cannot adequately express my gratitude for your great skill and care which has given me the prospect of a life worth living with the ability to move freely without pain.

Mr P.

I was extremely impressed with the care and treatment I recieved at Goring Hall, both from yourself and the medical team who looked after me, and I am delighted to report that I am now back to being very active with no pain and no limp.
So thank you once again and with kind regards. Mrs Diane M.

9 weeks post Big Ball Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement:

Thankyou, it was every thing you said it would be. I am free of pain, can walk 5 miles, I am more upright. Mrs H.
Big Ball Hip Replacement: Min Invasive technique I had a minimal invasive total hip replacement in November 2007. For several years I had lived with continual pain and discomfort, but given my relatively young age of 49, I had delayed surgery since being diagnosed with an arthritic hip 4 years previously. However, now nearly 4 months on from surgery, I am absolutely overjoyed at the outcome. I now live a pain free life and can walk miles, swim, dance and have far more energy than I have had in years. The medical team at Goring Hall Hospital were excellent, my operation and recovery were swift and without any complications. I was driving and back at work 6 weeks post surgery and continue to experience my new found sense of well being everyday. I cannot thank Mr Lewis enough for his skill and expertise and for taking such good care of me. My life has been transformed! Once again, I cannot thank you enough, as you have indeed transformed my life into something I could not have imagined would be so good. Sincere thanks S Toft


It's now two weeks since you operated on me, giving me a new hip. I just wanted to tell you how well I feel, in fact I have to remind myself it is only a fortnight since the operation. It is also wonderful not to have the constant pain.

I seem to have recovered so much quicker, thanks to your operating skill.

Mrs Stone

Minimally Invasive Hip. May 2008

Dear Mr Lewis,
Just a big thank you for my new hip. You do a wonderful job and I am most thankful to you. Sitting outdoors writing this, sun shining, birds singing, good to be alive.
Thank you again. Mrs G.

Dear Mr Lewis,

I want to thank you for the brilliant job you have carried out on my very recent hip replacement. Having had the operation on 6 May, I was up and about in no time and feeling truly great. I was walking about without any sticks from day two, without any discomfort, I needed to look again at my ex-rays to confirm you had actually carried out my hip replacement, you had of course and I am very greatful for the brilliant job you have done. Having seen you today, 19 May 2008, only 13 days after the procedure and to be able to virtually carry on my normal life is truly a credit to your skill, concern and excellent attitude towards you patients needs. Thank you once again and I will continue to recommend you to anyone I meet that may be in need of this treatment. Regards, Paul Hodges

Thank you for a pleasant stay. The staff were brilliant and nothing was too much trouble.

To be able to walk normally again is unbelievable. Without reservation I have already recommended others, who were amazed that I experienced no pain and walked again so soon, which is all due to you.
If needs be, in future, I will certainly be back!
Thank you once again.

Yet a second, most successful, superb replacement hip for which my grateful thanks and appreciation. I am thrilled with the current result. Female Patient Nov 2008

I thank my blessings at having had your expertise and efficient procedure.

Just a short note to convey my many thanks for the brilliant job you have done on my hip. I cannot praise enough the expertise and dedicated care from your team and the whole staff at GoringHallHospital. Thank you again for giving me a new lease of life. Mr C

Skiing 5 months post Hip Resurfacing:

Hip resurfacing Skiing The right ski twisted and turned/stretched the leg and hip but caused no pain whatsoever. This gave me confidence and a great week of skiing was the result.

Skiing 4 months post resurfacing:
Hello James
It all went extremely well with the ski trip at Christmas, cant believe I was actually able to ski black runs without any pain for the whole week and only 4 months after the hip operation. I would like to thank you again for the surgery a complete success.

Regards Mr Hall

Hip Revision
I really wanted to thank you for all you have done for me. It is marvellous to have two legs which are once more the same length; I am walking pretty well without a stick and feel so much better.
I am so grateful for all your care and attention. This comes with my very best wishes.

Mrs SW

Total Hip Replacement:
Dear Mr Lewis

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful surgery you performed on my hip on May 19th. I very much appreciate what you did to relieve me from the pain of the arthritis.

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