Uncemented Hip

Uncemented Hips: Long lasting

99-100% of these hip replacements are functioning well 10 years, even in the active under-50 year olds.

Worthing and Hastings Hospitals started using these hip components in 1988 and we have published long term outcome studies which are the best worldwide. Indeed Worthing and Hastings are centres of excellence for Hip surgery, providing hip surgery of the highest quality locally.
corail 80
The patient’s bone grows directly onto the stem and socket, encouraged by the coating with manufactured bone minerals. The bone then fuses with the new hip components. This bond is very strong and furthermore prevents the loosening process meaning a redo operation due to loosening is a rarity. The current data shows that 98—100% of fully hydroxyapatite coated stems (Furlong and Corail) are well fixed and functioning normally at 15 years, beyond that we do not have clinical results, but there are no warning signs at current long term follow up.

In over 1100 femoral stems we have not had to re-operate on a single one for loosening. This is in stark contrast to femoral stems which are cemented, in the young and active (under 50s) loosen at the rate of 15% at 10 years.

The old saying of a hip replacement “will only last 10 years” is now out of date.
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