Hip replacement.

This operation will take away your pain, allow you to walk normally and significantly improve your quality of life.
It will allow you to return to living rather than coping, patients say they rediscover the joy of walking.

The operation replaces the worn out hip joint with a new ball and socket.

In a hip replacement the new ball is attached to a stem (a wedge shaped 'spike', than gains fixation from the inside of the top of the thigh bone- where the bone quality is good). A new lining socket is fitted.

The new ball and socket is held together by muscle and soft tissue tension. They are free and not captured or locked in in any way.

The issues are:
Surgeon Experience, Training and attention to detail
Surgical Approach
The type of hip: We only use stems with 10A NICE rating -the best rating.
The Bearing couple
The aftercare and rehabiltaion
Avoidance of complications.
Overall Quality

Hip replacement Parts
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