The options are:

1. Ceramic on Ceramic
2. Metal on Metal
3. Ceramic ball on polyethylene socket
4. Metal Ball on polyethylene socket

At a London Conference in 2007; Surgeons were asked what hip bearing couple they would have in thier own hip?

The majority answer was ceramic-on-cermaic.

This is because it has the lowest wear rate of all the bearings

Furthermore it is safe from the wear debris perspective.

The new Delta Ceramics from Ceramtec are much more resistant to fracture, than previous versions.

This new (available 2004)Ceramic does cost more than the other options which may be pefectly suitable to more elderly people who have a lower activy level and time of use than a more actuve / younger counterpart.

Hip resurfacing is only available in a metal on metal format at present.

ceramic bearings

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